Friday, July 29, 2016

Sara E Black - Winged Monkey

2015.11.07 Superheroes for Hospice, Livingston, NJ

Sara E. Black is new to the comic book scene. Sara trained at Montclair State University and  is currently working on an idea of the Bubblegum Squad Detectives, the story of a bunch of sassy young women who eagerly take on the bizarre crimes and mysteries that most cops want nothing to do with....

Sara can be found at many of the local comic conventions.. from her blog she states that she want to tell stories that are a blend of believable characters and unusual protagonists. I want high energy, fun, creeps and still be able to stretch what defines the good character..

Although the above is not a first day cover, it is a commemorative cancel for the movie stamps of 1990, which incuded the Wizard of Oz (Judy Garland), Stagecoach (John Wayne), Gone with the Wind (Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh) and Beau Geste (Gary Cooper)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Sono - Lion-O

2015.11.07 Superheroes for Hospice, Livingston, NJ

Mike Chan aka Sono, is a free-lance artist currently working on a children's book. You can check out his instagram page for more...

ThunderCats was an animated action-adventure featuring a team of humanoid cats fight evil on their adopted homeworld. The show ran from 1985 - 1989. The show was produced by Rankin-Bass and Lorimar Pictures. The characters, created by Tobin Wolf, were humanoid cats named Jaga the Wise - Lord of the ThunderCats;  Lion-Oleader and hereditary Lord of the ThunderCats; Tygra - the level headed warrior; Panthro - mechanic and engineer; Cheetara - has a precognitive sense; Wilykat and WilyKit - twin "ThunderKittens"...

A later series was produced in 2011

Friday, July 15, 2016

Thomas Griffin - National Guardian

2015.04.11 East Coast Comic Con, Secaucus, NJ
Sketch of National Guardian from Hero

Thomas "SirGryphon" Griffin being obsessed with science fiction and a fan of science fact, is a writer, illustrator, colorist and letterer. He has worked on HERO, Greasers in Greece, Greasers in Greece Rerelease, The Only Choice, Frankenstein vs Dracula and his own book the WOW signal.. Along with his brother, Sean Griffin, started their own label Gryphon Knights in 2010...

Since it's inception Gryphon Knights has added many creators to it's roster and continue to look for new talent to host and publish comics. Their purpose is to share their work and help other indie creators get exposure, recognition in their efforts and creative work and contributions to the arts..

Additional titles published include Tomfool, Greenpoint of View, Millennials, Jenny Everywhere, Munster Transit Authority.....

Hero is a gritty superhero crime noir, that takes place in New York City during the 1940's. On the verge of World War II Nazis and mob elements are trying to subtly invade and take control.  A small group of rouges are trying to protect their home by trying to stop them. Through their actions they are finding the painful truth of what it means to be a hero..

Friday, July 8, 2016

Jeff Shultz - Snoopy

2015.04.11 East Coast Comic Con, Secaucus, NJ

Jeff Shultz, long time Archie artist, has added Charles Schutlz' Peanuts from Boom Studios to his resume.  Boom Studios brought the Peanuts characters back to the comic book format in 2012...

Jeff was a ghost artist for the Tom and Jerry newspaper comic strips...

Jeff provided a nice pencil sketch to the Peanuts cover..

Friday, July 1, 2016


2015 - I work in a facility that has a parking deck.. the stairwell to the 3rd level is glass enclosed. One morning with the sun shining on the glass I noticed an impression of a bird on the glass. A pigeon, we have lots of them, must have crashed into the glass and left his own chalk outline of feathers and dander..I know it does not sound attractive, but I found  beauty in the impression. I did not see any bodies on the ground, so I figured he must have staggered away like a concussed soccer player refusing to leave the pitch...

This vision stayed with me and I keep looking for new impressions, as if it were a traveling art show. Each bird leaves their own mark, but all are similar in style.  I finally decided to put the image to paper..a little self indulgence...

One of my favorite quotes from the movie The Producers (Mel Brooks 1968)
Concierge (Madelyn Cates): But you won't find him there.... he's up on the roof with his boids.  He keeps boids. Dirty disgusting... filthy.. lice-ridden boids.  You used to be able to sit out on the stoop like a person. Not anymore!  No sir!  Boids!

Jeff Pidgeon, started working at Pixar in 1991, graduating from Cal Arts in 1988, to work on Toy Story. His work with Pixar would later include Toy Story 2, Toy Story3, Monsters Inc, Mike's New Car, Lifted, Wall-E, Up.....
Jeff has also provided voice work for several of these movies, including the 3-eyed aliens from Toy Story..
I had sent a request for a sketch on a Project Mercury FDC, and Jeff signed the card stock from inside the cover along with this sketch of a 3-eyed alien from Toy Story.. Thanks Jeff!

Erica Schroeder was in attendance at the East Coast Comic Con, Seacaucus, NJ
Ms. Schroeder is an actress, who is known for her voice work on several animated projects..notably Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Winx Club, Tai Chi Chasers... providing voices for over 50 characters on over 15 animated shows.  Ms. Schroeder has appeared on Broadway in Jane Eyre and Shout, The Mod Musical and in  many off-Broadway and regional theatre productions ..
I had the idea of drawing a Pokemon Pidove, a character voiced by Ms. Schroeder, on a state bird first day cover, to obtain her autograph on. I like the concept...