Classic Comic Stamps 1995

Snuffy Smith first day cover - created by Brad Arch for the Clifton (NJ) Stamp Club show cachet.
Snuffy Smith cover with Clifton NJ Stamp Show Hagar the Horrible show cancel..Oct 22, 1995
Pinpex `95 Little Rock, Ar commemorative cachet and cancel...Oct 21, 1995

Philadelphia National Stamp Expo..Oct 1, 1995
Mr. Beasley Stamp Club - Chevy Chase, Md - First Day of Issue

Waterville Stamp Club, Fairfield, Me...Oct 28, 1995

Moxahala, Oh; Syracuse, Oh; White Cottage, Oh; Chandlersville, Oh; Chauncy, Oh. commemorative cancels
Frank King Day commemorative cancel - Tomah, Wi  Oct 14, 1995

Yellow Kid commemorative cancel - Aurora, Il  Oct 2, 1995

Popeye commemorative cancel - Chatchee, Al  Oct 16, 1995

Toon Stamps commemorative cancel - West Covina, Ca  Oct 2, 1995

Toon Stamps commemorative cancel - Keller, Tx  Oct 5, 1995
Toon Stamps cachet - Erie, Pa  Oct 25, 1995
Collection of Classic Comics first day covers and commemorative cancels.
Comic Strip Classics
The Yellow Kid, Katzenjammer Kids, Little Nemo, Bringing Up Father
Krazy Kat, Rube Goldberg, Toonerville Folks, Gasoline Alley
Barney Google, Little Orphan Annie, Popeye, Blondie
Dick Tracy, Alley Oop, Nancy, Flash Gordon
Lil' Abner, Terry and the Pirates, Prince Valiant, Brenda Starr
John Cullen Murphy - (1919-2004)
Started collaborating with Hal Foster in 1970, taking over the until his retirement in 2004, shortly before his death. Cullen's successor was Gary Gianni.
Cullen was assisted on the strip by his son as writer and daughter as letterer and colorist. 

The USPS preliminary design for the Comic Strip Classic stamps issued in 1995. The preliminary art featured a few stamps that did not make the final release, they were Doonesbury, Pogo, The Far Side, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, Beetle Bailey and Peanuts.

Calvin and Hobbes, Beetle Bailey and Garfield would be issued in 2010 as part of the Sunday Funnies release, while Peanuts would get their own issue in 2001

Mad Magazine had their own ideas on which stamps should be issued - "For More Recent Comic Stamps" featuring a parody of Doonesbury, Cathy, Family Circus, Peanuts, Andy Capp, Gasoline Alley and Mary Worth, B.C., Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes, Beetle Bailey, Zippy the Pinhead, the Lockhorns and Wizard of Id.

BC by Johnny Hart

Betty by Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen

"Not a bad stamp design, billy. But I think the Post Office might prefer 'The Yellow Kid' of 'Little Nemo'"
Family Circus by Bil Keane
Peanuts by Charles Schulz
Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker
Gasoline Alley by Jim Scancarelli
Hi & Lois by Chance Browne
Luann by Greg Evans
The USPS held a last day of sale ceremony during the ASDA Mega-Event at the Javits Center, NYC Nov 1, 1997. Mort walker was in attendance. The above cover has the last day of sale cancel, with the Terry and the Pirates stamps, along with Canada's Fleur de Lys stamp from 1995 (added just for fun, no postal validity)...
Gotta love Dennis the Menace...