Comic cancellations-postmarks

Casper the Friendly Ghost
Created by Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo for Famous Studios and Harvey Comics
Oct 31, 1991 Casper, Wyo
Hot Stuff - created by Warren Kremer for Harvey Comics
Oct 31, 1995 Red Devil, Alaska
Henry created by Carl Anderson
The Great Race July 29, 1995, Westport, Ct.
the previous year's cancel featured Blondie and Dagwood

Minicon 31 Convention honoring Ed Emshwiller illustrator for many science fiction and fantasy magazines, winning 5 Hugo Awards for Best Artist
April 7, 1996 Bloomington, Mn
BC Open, PGA tournament from 2000-2006. Originally the Broome county Open, often associated with Johnny Hart's comic strip BC, whose characters were often used to promote the event.
September 15, 1995 Endicott, NY
Dennis the Menace Oct 16, 2010 Linwood, NC
Commemorative cancel to honor Dennis and Marcus Hamilton who draws the Dennis daily strips. Hamilton is from the Linwood, NC area.

Holly Jolly Christmas, featuring Sam the Snowman from the Rankin-Bass animated show Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964). The cancel has been in use in several towns throughout Jasper County, Illinois since 2005.

Milanofil is an annual expo convention of postcards and philately, and was held March 19-21, 2010 Milan, Italy. The meter cancel above features the comic book character Diabolik announcing Milanofil 2010. Diabolik was created by Angela and Luciana Giussani in 1962 and was inspired by Italian and French pulp fiction. Diabolik is a master thief, who steals from criminal...
A stamp honoring the Diabolik character was issued by Italy in 2009...
and by San Marino in 1997...

This is an oddity, not an error.... When the DC Comics stamps were issued I had some of the covers canceled with a DC Comics stamp and one from the Canadian series issued in 1995. On the above cover I placed the Captain Canuck stamp, but left off the DC Comic stamp, and included the cover with my others to be canceled. Since the Postal Service cancels thousands of covers there was a slim chance they would catch this and stop it from going through. 
2012.07.12 California State Fair
Cartoon Beatles pictorial cancel - opening day of the fair features The Fab Four, the ultimate Beatles tribute.  Hope to get a sketch for this one...
Backwoods Comic Festival - Louisville, Ms
Cancel features Herman from Bubbaworld Comix by Andy B Childress, who also draws the web-comics Space Rednecks, Mississippi Swamp Dragons, Quick Appliance Repair, Cap n' Geezer and Dawn of Time...
40th Anniversary of Funky Winkerbean from the Black River Stamp Club, Elyria, Oh. The cancel features Postal worker Crazy Harry, which is difficult to see since his face hits the stamp...