Matt's Collection

These are some of the commissioned sketches my son Matt has collected:
Iron Man by Brian Kong 2006.10.28
Wolverine by Billy Tan 2008.12.07
Moon Knight by Mark Texeira 2008.12.06
Boba Fett by Daniel Logan (actor who portrayed Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II) 2010.12.07
Batman by Joe Stanton 2008.12.07
Galactus by Jason Baroody 2010.05.15
Zombie Matt by Nick Mockoviak 2010.06.19
Wolverine by Bobby Vala 2010.07.24
Green Arrow by Mark McKenna 2010.08.21
The Vision by Fred Hembeck 2010.09.26
Mike Mongello 2010.10.02
Billy Tucci 2010.10.02
Rickman - Captain America 2010
2011.04.03 Professor X by JK Woodward

Phil Ortiz - Simpsons Tv show & comic book artist, turned Matt into a Simpson, complete with Dr. Who Cybermen t-shirt.

Starscream by Dan Khanna

Moon Knight by Vicente Alcazar

Spider-Man by Alex Saviuk

Doctor Atlantis, Rare Earth Comics by David Robles
Ghost Rider - Mark Texeira
Normally I would not post a signed comic in Matt's page, but Texeira provided a cool little sketch by his signature that has to be shown. Texeira is great in person, very cool...
Topps Spongebob Squarepants sketch card from Paul Tibbitt..2009
Bob C Hardin 
EPiCs sketch card for  being a sponsor through the Kickstarter campaign
2012 NYC Comic Con pass - 
Sarah Wayne Callies - Walking Dead

Steve Mannion - Fearless Dawn villain Helga - Kickstarter reward

Ralph Bakshi - Last Days of Coney Island - Kickstarter reward

NY Comic Con - Geof Darrow at the Dark Horse booth, sketched on the back of the autograph card they provided for the book Shaolin Cowboy

Batman by Annie Fagan

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