Friday, February 25, 2011

Neil Vokes - Batman

Neil Vokes - 2008.12.07 Comic Fest, East Hanover, NJ

Another gem from Neil. He talks about his passion in interviews, it comes through in his art. Neil provided me with 2 drawings during this show, I couldn't get him to stop, I am sure he would have done more. Thanks.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Brian Crane - Pickles

2011.02.02 Brian Crane - Pickles...Earl and Nelson...
Brian Crane has received the National Cartoonist Society Newspaper Comic Strip Award in 2001 for his strip Pickles, which runs as a daily and a Sunday comic strip. Pickles was first published in 1990.

Pickles, follows a retired couple in their seventies, Earl and Opal Pickles, and their dog Roscoe, cat Muffin, grandson Nelson, their daughter Sylvia and her husband Dan. the strip shows the funny side of family and friendship.

On his web site at the Cartoonist Studio, Crane states, "I've always wanted to become a cartoonist when I grow up, and I still hope to do so if and when that day ever comes."

I still enjoy reading the comics in my newspaper, I am slowly working toward a few web comics. I don't remember when I started reading Pickles, but it has quickly become a part of my life. The newspapers have a way of revamping their lineup every so often, and one day Pickles appeared, and fortunately it has stayed. I will say, although not retired and no grand children yet, I am often scared by Earl Pickles. It seems he and I are a lot alike, and it is not a good way, according to my wife. I can see a lot of similarities in their relationship to my own.

Earl often finds ways to relax instead of working or saying the wrong things to Opal at the wrong time, like there is ever a right time. I post this cartoon not because my wife doesn't like technology, I am the one who refuses to read e-books, rather because this is often her reaction to the things I say.

I chose to have Mr. Crane sketch on a combination first day cover, with both stamps dealing with life from youth to aging, as reflected by Crane's sketch of Earl and Nelson...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hy Eisman - Popeye

Hy Eisman... Popeye 2010.10.09
Eisman started drawing comic strips in 1950 working on several strips including Kerry Drake, Little Iodine, the Katzenjammer Kids (the second oldest comic strip created in 1897 by Rudolph Dirks).

Popeye first appeared in 1929 as part of the comic strip Thimble Theatre, which debuted in 1919, was the creation of E.C. Segar. Eisman started drawing the Sunday panel in 1994, joining several well known artists who have drawn the pugilistic sailor including Doc Winner, Bela Zaboly, Ralph Stein, Bud Sagendorf and Bobby London.

Popeye has become one of the most well-known comic characters having been featured in comic books, cartoons (first appearing with Betty Boop in 1933) a live action movie starring Robin Williams, games and advertising.

Popeye the sailor's character has a unique method of speech, overly muscular arms on a thin body, smokes a corn-cob pipe and eats spinach to provide his super-human strength. He is often at odds with his nemesis Bluto over the affection of Olive Oyl.

Eisman is also known for the many comic books he has drawn, featuring the characters Nancy, Little Lulu, Tom and Jerry and the Munsters, and several Charlton Comics.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Frankenstein - Brian Kong

Brian Kong - 2006.10.28 Chiller Convention, Secaucus, NJ

Kong is a noted sketch card artist who has worked with Marvel, DC, Malibu Comics, Acclaim comcis and Tekno comics. Kong worked on comics for Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association for fan promotions.

Some of the sketch cards Kong has worked on include Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Allen & Ginter Baseball, DC Legacy and Universal Monsters Frankenstein.