Friday, November 26, 2010

Carmine Infantino - The Flash

Carmine Infantino - The Flash 2010.10.02 Wizard-Big Apple Comic Con, NYC

Infantino started his comics career as a freshmen in high school working with Harry A Chesler, inking the feature Jack Frost for USA Comics #3, 1942.

Infantino would move on to work with various publishers drawing Airboy and the Heap at Hillman Periodicals, Holyoke Publishing and eventually at DC where he would become the regular artist for Golden Age Flash, Black Canary, Green Lantern and Justice Society of America, westerns and science fiction. At Prize Comics Infantino drew Charlie Chan.

1956 DC decided to revive the superhero market starting with an updated Flash. Infantino would design the now famous streamlined red suit. Infantion used the blurring effect to depict Flash's speed. the success of the Flash began the Silver Age of comics...
Infantino would also draw Adam Strange in Mystery in Space, Batman and Robin and Elongated Man.

At Marvel, Infantino would draw Star Wars, Spider-Woman and Nova.

A winner of numerous awards, Infantino was elected to the Comic Book Hall of Fame 2000.

The Flash stamp is credited to Carmine Infantino and Murray Anderson. Infantino is also credited with the Marvel stamp issue Spider-Woman, with Tony DeZuniga.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rich Buckler - Captain America

Rich Buckler - Captain America 2010.10.02 Wizard-Big Apple Comic Con, NYC

Buckler co-created the character Deathlok in Astonishing Tales #25, and has drawn virtually every major character at Marvel and DC, often as a cover artist.

Buckler's first work was part of the 1967 King Features comics Flash Gordon with a 4-page story Freedom Fighters:Washington Attack Trenton.

At Marvel, Buckler would draw Fantastic Four, Black Panther and Spiderman. In the 1980's working alongside Roy Thomas at DC, All-Star Squadron would be launched.

The Uncle Sam stamp from the Celebrate the Century issue 1998, reminded me of the first All-Star Squadron issue with Uncle Sam dispatching the All-Star Squadron. I had requested the Star Spangled Kid, but Buckler was unsure of the character's look and without a reference could not reproduce it faithfully. Keeping with the Uncle Sam theme, I requested Captain America and received a for beautifully rendered sketch.

Buckler and John Romita are credited with the artwork for the Marvel stamp issue for the Incredible Hulk, and Buckler and Dick Giordano are credited with the artwork for the DC stamp issue for the Supergirl comic cover.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Herb Trimpe - The Incredible Hulk

Herb Trimpe - Hulk 2010.10.02 Wizard-Big Apple Comic Con, NYC

Trimpe is a comic artist who is best known for his work with the Incredible Hulk, as well as being the first artist to draw Wolverine. Trimpe joined Marvel in 1967, making his pencilling debut with Kid Colt Western stories. Staring with The Incredible Hulk #106, 1968, Trimpe would continue to draw the Hulk for seven straight years through to issue #142, returning for issue #145-193 and additional drawings for Hulk Annuals and Specials up until 1983.

Trimpe also drew every starring Marvel character including Captain America, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, Killraven, Captain Britain...

Trimpe has received a nomination for the Shazam Award for best inker 1973, Comic-Con International Humanitarian of the Year Award 2002, for his work as a chaplain at the World Trade Center site after 9/11, and the Inkpot Award 2002.

The Hulk - stamp artwork by Rich Buckler - was created by Stan lee and Jack Kirby 1962. After exposure to gamma radiation Dr. Bruce Banner transformed into the giant raging monster, a cross between Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Frankenstein...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Chris Giarrusso - Silver Surfer

Chris Giarrusso - Silver Surfer - 2010.05.15 Wild Pig Comic Con, Springfield, NJ

Chris Giarrusso has drawn the Mini Marvels, featuring Marvel superheroes as children, at Marvel Comics.

Giarrusso has also created G-Man, published by Image Comics, a kid superhero whose powers come from a magic cape. Giarrusso's comic style is influenced by Chareles Schulz, Erik Larsen and his brother Dave.

Silver Surfer was created by Jack Kirby, first appearing in Fantastic Four #48, 1966.. Surfer would become a recurring character in the Fantastic Four comics. The Silver Surfer was launched on a solo career in 1968. The Silver Surfer would be the main adversary in the Fantastic Four's second movie, with the Surfer being played by Doug Jones.

Doug Jones was appearing at Wizard-Big Apple Comic Con, NYC 2010.10.02 and signed the Silver Surfer cover.

Jones, besides the Surfer has portrayed Abe Sapien from Hellboy, El Fauno and the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth. Jones first appearance was as a thin clown in Batman Returns.

The Silver Surfer stamp's artwork is credited to Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott.