Friday, July 31, 2015

Walt Simonson - Thor : Ragnarok

2015.07.25 Garden State Comic Con, Mennen Arena, Morristown, NJ
Leif Erikson FDC - Icelandic explorer, the first Norse explorer, descendent of the Vikings, to reach North America c.1000, landing on the northern tip of Newfoundland, Canada...

Walt Simonson is best known as the writer and artist for Marvel Comics Thor (1983-1987), during which time he created Beta Ray Bill.  Thor is based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name, the Asgardian god of thunder. Thor debuted as a Marvel character in Journey Into Mystery #83, the creation of Stan Lee, Larry Leiber and Jack Kirby. In 2011 Thor placed 14th on IGN's list of Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time..

Walt Simonson is the creator-owner of the Star Slammers title, and has worked on X-Factor, Fantastic Four, DC Comics' Detective Comics, Manhunter, Metal Men and Orion. He has also worked on licensed properties including Star Wars, Alien, Battlestar Galactica and Robocop vs Terminator, among many other titles...

July 2014, Simonson released through IDW Publishing, his creator owned series Raganrok, a version of Thor 300-years after the destruction of the nine worlds... unrelated to the Marvel character. A signed copy of Ragnarok #1, with Simonson's distinctive Brontosaurus signature

Simonson arrived at the show to sign books around 1:00. He arrival was promoted at 11:00. When he did arrive there was no line at this unmarked table (his name plate was under the table cloth).. He put down his bag and said he would be right back and proceeded to visit with Greg Hildebrandt. He then wandered over to a couple of other artists

He signed my two books (the other being the Judas Coin) and took the envelope in hand, stopped and announced he was willing to provided sketches free of charge, but would do so at 4:00 to allow himself time to sign as many books as possible.

I arrived at his table at 3:45, and the table was deserted. I waited as the line grew.. At 4:15 he arrived.. He looked over the line and announced he would first sign any books and then provide 10 free sketches, more to follow if time allowed. In order to know who was in line for sketches he stated he would number our thumbs, so no one would be missed. I held out my hand and received my number 1 on my thumbnail. He proceeded to number thumbs down the line...

Considering he was not selling anything and only brought pencils and pens (fans had to provide the books and paper for sketches), he had the right to make the rules...

When my chance had come, we discussed the sketch.. I had been trying to decided between the Marvel Thor and the Ragnarok Thor currently seen in the IDW comic. I settled on the current Simonson version.. When he completed the sketch he paused and stated "I believe this is the first time I have drawn this version of Thor. I have not done many shows since I started the new book."
I will take this as the first Ragnarok Thor by Walt Simonson outside of the IDW release!!!

This was a test of patience and the willingness to have a grown man write on my thumb!!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Colin Lawler - Space Adventure

2015.06.06 NY Special Event, NYC

Colin Lawler obtained his BFA in Animation from the Savannah College of Art & Design. He has since been working as a freelance graphic, web and motion designer. Lawler dreams of befriending a dinosaur, consuming an all-ice cream and cookie diet, use a jet pack, live in a lighthouse and spend his days drawing stories... Nothing wrong with that...

Lawler ran a successful Kickstarter for his book "The Soul Collector"; produces The Lighthouse, a single-panel watercolor webcomic and created "Savvy Sally Sets Sail", the story of an adventurous 7-year old who finds herself on a slightly mysterious ship on a magical journey..

When we discussed the type of sketch Lawler would provide for me, we settled on a space theme, I left the idea to his imagination. The finished product is awesome.  I really like the background of barely visible trees, offsetting the astronaut as he approaches the space being...

Friday, July 17, 2015

Alex Sanchez - Star Wars

2015.06.06 NY Special Edition, NYC

Hammerhead (Momaw Nadon) was an Ithorian who was exiled from his home world, Ithor, after he revealed secrets of Ithorian agricultural technology to the Galactic Empire. He spent musch of his exile on Tatootine and was seen in Chalmun's Cantina...Wookieepedia

Hammerhead was the idea of Ironhed Alex Sanchez, who wanted to pick a Star Wars character to draw. I thought since most artist would choose Darth Vader or Princess Leia, Hammerhead was a nice change of pace... salute

Alex Sanchez illustrates Star Wars: The Old Republic, for Marvel as well as Marvel Age Hulk, X-Men, First Ride, Elektra; Dark Horse - Tale of Vampires; IDW - 30 Days of Night; DC - JSA Classified, Katana, Batman Joker's Asylum; Top Cow - Fleshdigger; Dynamite Comics - Raise the Dead 2 and many others

Friday, July 10, 2015

Gregg Schigiel - Pix

2015.04.11 East Coast Comic Con, Secaucus, NJ

Gregg Schigiel is a regular contributor to Spongebob Comics, writer for the X-Babies: Stars Reborn graphic novel for Marvel Comics, and has worked for Nickelodeon, DC Entertainment and Disney.

PIX - Emaline Laurel Pixley, is a super-powered teenager. She wears an awesome costume and uses her powers to help those in need. People call Pix a hero. Pix says she's part fairy. Actually a fairy princess, whose father rules the fairy kingdom, at least that's why she thinks she has powers. 
People call Pix a weirdo...

The Pix Extra page is great: it features drawings of Pix with Mod Dog from Mighty Skull Boy Army, Chance Falconer from Leave it to Chance!, El Deafo, the intrepid Escape Goat, Missile Mouse, The Green Turtle from the Shadow Hero, the Lumberjanes, Bodie Troll, the Color Guardians and many others...

Schigiel also hosts the podcast STUFF SAID, which explores comics and cartooning...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Charles Thurston - Sam Eagle, The Muppets

2015.06.06 NY Special Edition, NYC

Charles Thurston, a former puppeteer at Disney World now creates a series of pop culture parody books based off popular culture and classic children's stories...

Going through Thurston's portfolio were many fantastic drawings...Doctor Who's K-9 with Pluto's facial features, Good Boy K-9 where K-9 mets the Iron Giant, the Not Gonna Happen series where Pikachu meets various other fantastic characters including Figment, monsters from Where the Wild Things Are, Groot and others...

Sam the Eagle is a Muppet originating on the Muppet Show, and operated by Frank Oz. Sam is overly patriotic, stuffy and pompous...

Happy 4th of July !!!