Friday, December 28, 2012

Larry Hama - GI Joe

2012.09.29 Asbury Park, NJ

Larry Hama is a writer, editor, artist, actor and musician. His comic book credits include GI Joe: A Real American Hero, Wolverine, Nth Man: the Ultimate Ninja, Iron Fist, Wulf the Barbarian and Planet of Vampires (Atlas/Seaboard publishing), Ka-Zar, Wonder Woman, Super Friends, Mister Miracle, the Warlord, Elecktra and numerous other titles. Hama's first work was at age 16 in the magazine Castle of Frankenstein

Hama created Bucky O'Hare, published by Continuity Comics, 1978 and appeared as an animated television series in 1991 - Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars...

Hama ha appeared on M*A*S*H and on Broadway in Sondheim's Pacific Overtures.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Steve Becker - FUBAR Desert Storm

2012.12.15 Comic Book Jones, Staten Island, NY

Traveled to Staten Island to meet Steve Becker one of the artists on FUBAR, a zombie version of America at war. As their Fubar Press website states "Another Zombie Comic?" Yes, because people love zombies! And is there any setting better than a war

FUBAR comes from the creative minds of Jeff McComsey, editor in chief of FUBAR, American Terror: Confessions of a Human Smart Bomb, 6 Panel Cinema, Atomic Robo, as well a Games of Thrones illustration on his website...

Steve Becker has worked with White Wolf for the 6th edition of Gamma World, inked Tim Truman's Grimjack, inked Hawken #6, lead background designer on Atomic Robo: Last Stop animated short.

Other artists and writers contributing to this anthology are Stephen Lindsay, Dominic Vivona, Benjamin Truman, Jim McMunn, Jason Meadows, Mike Imboden, James Nguyen, Kyle Kaczmarczyk, Rob Croonenborghs, Jeff McClelland, Jonathan Moore, Helaine Crawford, Shawn Williams, Darrin Stephens, Jorge Vega, and others I am sure I have missed. An enjoyable and macabre series of short stories and a great sketch from Steve Becker...

Currently there are -  
FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned
FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead
FUBAR: American History Z
IDW Hawken variant cover by Jeff McComsey and Steve Becker
FUABR: Summer Special
FUBAR: The Devil's Dance Floor - FCBD

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christian N. St. Pierre - Jet Black

2012.11.11 Albany Comic Con, Albany, NY

St. Pierre has provided work for Animal Planet's Croc Week advertising, Kiss Me Comix Serenade, Evil Hat Productions's role playing game Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies, Race to Adventure, Matt Yocum's Devolution, After Hours Press Bonita & Clyde with Buddy Scalera, Danger Magnet! Halloween Special 2008, sketch cards for The pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation, Grafenveer from Open Book Press, an Albany Comic Con variant cover for Keith Dallas' Argonauts #3 from Timeless Journey Comics and much more...

St. Pierre has also been commissioned to paint a portrait of coach John Cunniff for the Albany River Rats Hall of Fame, and has had several pieces accepted to be exhibited as part of the Upstate Artists Guild Galery for a juried show...

After discussion about the Race To Adventure concept and the characters involved, we agreed on a sketch of the character Jet Black from Spirit of the Century - Race To Adventure pulp adventure role playing game from Evil Hat Productions. I am not involved in role palying games, but I was truly impressed by St. Pierre's art that I had to request a sketch. The character of Jet Black reminiscent of the Rocketeer, but with a flying wing instead of a rocket, a 1940's look with the goggles and leather helmet...brilliant!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Richard P. Clark - Captain Midnight

2012.11.11 Albany Comic Con, Albany, NY

Born in a crossfire hurricane (actually Cleveland, Oh) Clark began his illustration career in 1993 while still an undergraduate at The Columbus College of Art and Design. His client list includes the Wall Street Journal, Playboy, HBO, Sports Illustrated, the New York Yankees DC Comics (inker on Batman Arkham Unhinged)...

What drew us to Clark's table was his original paintings of Captain Midnight covers for the Captain Midnight Chronicles from Moonstone Books, 2010. The covers are great but the originals are striking!

From Moonstone books - Midnight was born in the blazing crucible of war, but sworn to fight for peace, the mysterious obsidian aviator known only by the codename Captain Midnight flies again!
written by John J. Nance, Stephen Mertz, Robert Greenberger, et al...

Captain Midnight first appeared as a radio serial in 1938, featuring Captain Jim Albright a WWI US Army pilot, Albright was given the codename Midnight when he returned from a mission at the stroke of 12. Originally a private aviator his status changed in 1940 when Ovaltine became the sponsor of the show. The Secret Squadron was born, as a paramilitary organization fighting espionage.

1941 - Comic book from Dell
1942 - Comic Strip version from Chicago Sun Syndicate drawn by Erwin L. Hess
1942 - Columbia Pictures movie serial starring Dave O'Brien
1954 - Screen Gems television series starring Richard Webb, the title was rebranded as Jet Jackson due to legal ownership of the Captain Midnight name...

1989 Ovaltine patch received by sending in labels from Ovaltine

The first day cover commemorates World War I flying ace Captain Eddie Rickenbacher. Medal of Honor recipient Rickenbacher was commander of the 94th Aero Squadron, the "Hat in the Ring". Rickenbacher was credited with 26 kills...Rickenbacher would receive the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross (9x), Legion of Honor, Croix de Guerre; inducted into National Aviation Hall of Fame, International Motorsports Hall of Fame, National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, Motorsports Hall of Fame of Amercia

Rickenbacher competed in the Indianapolis 500 four time prior to WWI...
Parodied by Al Capp in Li'l Abner comic strip as Cap'n Eddie Ricketyback.

2013 NY Comic Con - Dark Horse Comics
I had started reading the new Dark Horse Captain Midnight series. In the back of issue#3 on the letters page "After Midnight" was a picture of the above Captain Midnight button with the note of thanks to the readers. The second paragraph - If you're planning to be at New York Comic Con, make sure to look out for the rad Captain Midnight buttons....
I did not see any signs of the buttons, so I had to ask one of the staff, she went into their storage area and came back with the button. She seemed to keep it out of the view of anyone not in the know!? Definitely not available to all attendees. Made me feel like I was supposed to keep it a secret.
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