Friday, February 24, 2017

Mike Leeke - X-O Manowar

2016.08.27 Monsters and Robots, Somerset, NJ

Mike Leeke is a comic book writer, penciller, cover artist and inker. His titles include X-O Manowar; Robotech -The Macross Saga; Psi-Lords; Deathmate; H.A.R.D. Corps; Solar, Man of the Atom; Turok, Dinosaur Hunter...

X-O Manowar (Aric Dacia) was created by Jim Shooter, Bob Layton and Jon Hartz for the Valiant Comics label in 1992.  Aric is heir to the throne of the Visigoth, who were colonized by the alien race the Vine. Leading a revolt against the Vine, Aric stole their most powerful relic, Shanhara, the sentient X-O Manowar armor. Bonding with the armor Aric turned this powerful weapon against the Vine...

Friday, February 17, 2017


J Barbour hand painted - 2000

An ebay purchase... I do not know anything about J Barbour, except he drew and painted first day covers, which can be found on ebay for several issues...

I liked the comic touch to the basketball player... Although I am not a huge basketball fan I figured I would post this on NBA All-Star weekend.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Sam Ellis - Archer

2016.11.19 NJ Comic Expo, Edison, NJ
"Do You Want Mail? Because That's How U get Mail!"

According to his website Man of Missle:
Sam Ellis
Visual Story Teller
& Purveyor
of other fine things

Sam Ellis makes comics, cartoons and games, having worked for Boom Studios, Cartoon Network-Adult Swim, Disney Interactive, FX and Marvel, he is currently co-writer and artist on Adventure Time 

Many fans of course know Ellis as the lead character designer for Archer (2009-2010), as well as illustrator on Frisky Dingo (2006) and the Xtacles (2008).

Ellis also provided voice work for Frisky Dingo and Archer (uncredited). Ellis had a successful Kickstarter project: Throwdown! Card Game - Robot Cowboy Samurai...

Friday, February 3, 2017

Anthony Helmer - Star Trek - Uhura

2016.11.19 NJ Comic Expo, Edison, NJ

Anthony Helmer's art is heavily influenced by the Disney style. His Facebook page states: cold beers, mouse ears and pop art...

With the release of the Star Trek stamp, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the franchise, I wanted to obtain at least one sketch during this show that would focus on Star Trek.. My choice had to be Helmers, his style is is perfect for any princess: Disney or Star Trek...

His choice was the current Lt. Uhura (Zoe Saldana)...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Paul Newman - Slapshot

As a fan of the Paul Newman comedy Slapshot, I felt a need to express myself in a cachet design that honored the movie...One of the funniest movies to put on the foil...

In related news - January 25 marked the 93rd anniversary of the first Winter Olympics held in Chamonix France, 1924.  Hockey being one of the sports played with Canada taking the Gold, followed by the USA with Silver andGreat Britain winning the Bronze. Other participating teams included Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Sweden and Switzerland

Friday, January 20, 2017

Ben Risbeck - Ollie 008

2016.11.19 NJ Comic Expo, Edison, NJ

Ben Risbeck has worked in various areas of the design industry...character concept, storyboard artist, graphic designer, art director...

Risbeck is working a his own project Ollie 008: The Octopi Spy. The story of a young octopus eating his cereal, collecting boxtops to enter the Kraken Coalition as a junior spy. However when things don't go as planned he is elevated to senior level spy and the perks that go with it. However Ollie lacks the experience required...

Beautifully crafted book and story...scribbles and sketches

Friday, January 13, 2017

Joseph Michael Linsner - Dawn and Sinful Suzie

Joseph Michael Linsner is best known for his creation of Dawn. Since her first appearance in Cry for Dawn, 1989, the character has struck a chord with thousands of fans in an international level. I first had the opportunity of meeting Linsner at a comic book shop in Woodbridge NJ, when Cry for Dawn was first being published. He was kind to provide the below sketch, which I appreciate for it's simplicity, yet still evokes emotion. Dawn is the goddess of birth and rebirth, who is generally depicted as a young red-head with three-tears running down her left eye...

I was pleased to meet Linsner again and have the opportunity to obtain another sketch at the Comic Expo. Linsner provided a newer creation, Sinful Suzi, whose own publication was released in 2013 by Image Comics. Suzi is a mischievous demon-girl with a fondness for hellish pitchforks...
2016.11.19 NJ Comic Expo, Edison, NJ

Linsner has worked on a crossover with Dawn and Vampirella, painted covers for all of the major comic publisher including the titles Wolverine, Black Cat, Killraven, Justice League, Conan...
One of his proudest moments was getting to illustrate a short story written by Stan Lee for "Actor Comics Presents"... Art of Linsner

Happy Friday the 13th

Friday, January 6, 2017

Liana Kangas - David Bowie/Constantine

2016.11.19 NJ Comic Expo, Edison, NJ

Liana is an illustrator and aspiring comic book artist.  While I was looking over her prints, I was impressed by the style, many of which featured pop culture David Bowie, X-File's Scully, Doctor Who, etc...

We discussed several possibilities, selecting a form of David Bowie. The first day cover features composer Bernard Hermann, who won an Academy Award for The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941), many Hitchcock films - Psycho, North by Northwest, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo. Other film scores included Citizen Kane, The Day the Earth Stood Still (not the Keanu Reeves remake), The Ghost and Mrs Muir, Cape Fear, Taxi Driver. TV scores include Twilight Zone...

Liana provided a sketch of David Bowie as Constantine, in search of the man who knew too much... The character of John Constantine, a working class occult detective, was created by Alan Moore, Stephen R Bissette and John Totleben, 1985 and published by DC Comics and their Vertigo imprint. Since they were fans of the rock group Police, Constantine bears a strong resemblance to Sting. A Constantine feature film would be released in 2005 starring Keanu Reeves (he does get around), while a short lived TV series premiered in 2014..,

Liana primarily freelances and listens to desert rock while drinking coffee. Her work incorporates strong angular linework and watercolor/inks...

We concluded your day with a nice discussion of Hockey and Don Cherry (Google his suits, it's worth the time)...

Friday, December 30, 2016

Jackie von Spanks - Bettie Page Christmas

2016.11.19 NJ Comic Expo, Edison, NJ

Jackie von Spanks is an illustrator who is heavily influenced by vintage pinup style of the 1940s - 1960s. Her art is heavily influenced by artists such as Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas. Jackie is also a pin-up model and a member of the Luscious Ladies.

When I asked for a Christmas sketch, she immediately smiled and said she know exactly what she would draw... Bettie Page, who is showing Linus how to properly trim a tree.

Page was born in 1923, in Tennessee and became a model after graduating college and moving to San Francisco. Her modeling career led to a Playboy centerfold in 1955 and icon status as a pin-up model.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all...

Friday, December 23, 2016

Liz Chesterman - Merry Christmas

2016.10.16 Non-Sport Update Card Show, Allentown, Pa

Liz Chesterman ia a traditional illustrator at heart. She prefers to lend her talents to  smaller trading card companies, for sketch cards. Liz is a fan of unique themes and freedom to do original (tiny!) works of art. According to Liz "In a period where digital art seems to dominate over traditional, it's pretty awesome to be involved in projects that require the skill to craft without a computer."

Liz's has provided sketch card artwork for Classic Fairy Tales, Hallowe'en, Spellcasters II, Civil War 1, Beyond Stoker's Dracula, ContemporaryPin Ups, Zombie Poker, Westward Ho!, Beauty and the Myth and several others...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Years, Seasons Greetings

Friday, December 16, 2016

Tony Harris - Starman

2016.11.19 NJ Comic Expo, Edison, NJ

In 1994 James Robinson and Tony Harris introduced Jack Knight, son of the original Starman in Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #1.. Knight is a reluctant hero who takes up the helm after his brother David was killed by an assassin in Starman (vol 2) #0..

Jack wields a cosmic staff, but refuses to wear a costume, instead wearing a T-shirt, leather jacket, light shielding goggles and a sheriff's badge...

Tony harris began his career in 1989, rising to prominence with Starman in  1994. He has been nominated for five Eisner Awards, penciled Ex Machina with writer Brian K Vaughan from Windstorm and War heroes with Mark Millar for Image comics.

Harris worked on additional titles including JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull, Legion: Secret Files 3003, Superman: Lex 2000, Dr Strange, Iron man, Spider-Man, Nightbreed

Friday, December 9, 2016

Charles P Wilson III - Astronaut Pooh

2016.07.10 Garden State Comic Fest, Morristown, NJ

This is my second sketch from Wilson. I first met him at a Wildpig Comic Con in 2010, and picked up a great sketch from the series The Stuff of Legends...

Always a fan favorite at the local show, Wilson has provided the cover art for the Garden State Comic Fest Programs...

From Comics Alliance:  This article shows his work outside of Stuff of Legends, drawings of superheroes and his blending the world of Pooh and the superhero world. Imagine a Hulk Pooh, a Captain America Pooh... well I imagined a Pooh in Space and requested such a sketch. The results is another great sketch from Wilson...

Wilson has also provided a more serious tone of art for the IDW series The Wraith, written by Joe Hill.

The FDC features the Alan Shepard stamp honoring the first American in space. Yesterday John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth passed at the age of 95. I post this cover in his honor and in honor of all men and women from all nations with the courage and spirit to travel into space to explore the universe.

Shepard and Glenn were members of the Mercury Seven, the first seven astronauts selected by the US and NASA to become astronauts. The other Astronauts include Guss Grissom, Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, Wally Shirra, Deke Slayton