Superman Goes Postal

As the first superhero, Superman's popularity has never left the imagination of the general public...Superman's image has adorned many items...therefore it is not surprising that he would eventually be represented on postal stamps and cancels...

Metropolis, Ill is located along the Ohio River, the area was first settled by a French expedition in 1757. In 1839 the town of Metropolis as planned... January 21, 1972 DC comics declared Metropolis the "Hometown of Superman"...a large statue of Superman was erected and a small museum was established. An annual Superman Celebration is held the second weekend in June. Above is the official Massiac county Chamber of Commerce business envelope featuring Superman...
1979 Superman Celebration official cachet, signed by Noel Neill (Lois Lane) and Robert Shayne  (Inspector Henderson)...
1987 Superman Celebration cancel, signed by Phyllis Coates (Lois Lane)

1988 Superman Celebration cancel, signed by Kirk Alyn (Superman)

1990 Official Superman Celebration cachet

1994 Superman Celebration cancel

2002 Superman Celebration cancel

2006 Superman Celebration cancel

2002 Canada Post honored Canadian Superheroes, Nelvana of the Northern Lights, Captain Canuck, Fleur de Lys, Johnny Canuck and Superman.
Superman was included in this group because Joe Shuster, co-creator of Superman was born in Canada..

The USPS issued a set of stamps to honor the Century (1900s). In the issue for the 1930's Superman saw his first appearance on a US postal issue. The artwork being from the original Shuster and Siegel creation...The backing board that accompanied the sheet of stamps, featured a 3-D drawing of a modern Superman, the Flash and Green Lantern, along with the glasses needed to view the 3-D image.
DC Comics - 2006, with more popular culture being commemorated to increase public interest, the USPS issued a set of 20 stamps honoring DC Comics Superheroes (Marvel heroes would also be honored at a later date). 10 heroes were honored with Superman holding the first position on the sheet. The second set of ten would feature comic book covers, again Superman would be the first comic book cover shown - Superman #11 July/Aug 1941 art by Fred Ray.
Supergirl is also one of the Superheroes honored.

Stamp Day for Superman was release in 1954 as part of the Adventures of Superman TV series starring George Reeves.  It was created in cooperation with the US Department of Treasury to help promote the purchase of US Saving Bonds. The episode was distributed to schools to educate children about the program.

Fictitious Superman stamps were seen in a 1955 Superman comic, where an amusement park was created to honor Superman. A part of the park included a post office, where children are seen purchasing a Superman Land opening day commemorative cover, complete with Superman stamp.
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Cartoonphilately blog posted this panel from Superman - Action Comics 359, 1968 in "The Case Against Superman!" by Leo Dorfman and Curt Swan. featuring 3 Superman stamps.

Superman stamps from the country of Tadjikistan..formerly part of the Soviet Union..

Superman stamps from the country of Kyrgyzstan...formerly part of the Soviet Union...

Canada issued several stamps in honor of his 75th anniversary. The series of stamps show Superman through his comic book evolution - Joe Shuster (1939), Wayne Boring (1945), Neal Adams (1971), Jim Lee (2004) and Kenneth Rocafort (2012)
The stamps were issued Sep 10, 2013

Jersey Post (Channel Islands) issued a series of stamps in honor of Superman's 75th anniversary with images featuring Henry Cavill. The stamps each feature Superman's special powers. 
The close up image of Cavill can trigger an augmented reality through Smartsy. The Superman flying stamp is printed on transparent stamp. For strength the stamp features silver foil. A heat sensitive stamp, printed with monochromatic ink, which when warmed reveals earth behind Superman. A thermographic stamp using actual crushed granite from Beauport Bay and a glow in the dark stamp that shows a message from Jor-el
The stamps were issued Jun 7, 2013. Henry Cavill was born on Jersey...

recently found this great Curt Swan Superman sketch first day cove, also signed by Jerry Siegel, on eBay... 2017.07