Friday, December 21, 2012

Steve Becker - FUBAR Desert Storm

2012.12.15 Comic Book Jones, Staten Island, NY

Traveled to Staten Island to meet Steve Becker one of the artists on FUBAR, a zombie version of America at war. As their Fubar Press website states "Another Zombie Comic?" Yes, because people love zombies! And is there any setting better than a war

FUBAR comes from the creative minds of Jeff McComsey, editor in chief of FUBAR, American Terror: Confessions of a Human Smart Bomb, 6 Panel Cinema, Atomic Robo, as well a Games of Thrones illustration on his website...

Steve Becker has worked with White Wolf for the 6th edition of Gamma World, inked Tim Truman's Grimjack, inked Hawken #6, lead background designer on Atomic Robo: Last Stop animated short.

Other artists and writers contributing to this anthology are Stephen Lindsay, Dominic Vivona, Benjamin Truman, Jim McMunn, Jason Meadows, Mike Imboden, James Nguyen, Kyle Kaczmarczyk, Rob Croonenborghs, Jeff McClelland, Jonathan Moore, Helaine Crawford, Shawn Williams, Darrin Stephens, Jorge Vega, and others I am sure I have missed. An enjoyable and macabre series of short stories and a great sketch from Steve Becker...

Currently there are -  
FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned
FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead
FUBAR: American History Z
IDW Hawken variant cover by Jeff McComsey and Steve Becker
FUABR: Summer Special
FUBAR: The Devil's Dance Floor - FCBD

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