Friday, November 26, 2010

Carmine Infantino - The Flash

Carmine Infantino - The Flash 2010.10.02 Wizard-Big Apple Comic Con, NYC

Infantino started his comics career as a freshmen in high school working with Harry A Chesler, inking the feature Jack Frost for USA Comics #3, 1942.

Infantino would move on to work with various publishers drawing Airboy and the Heap at Hillman Periodicals, Holyoke Publishing and eventually at DC where he would become the regular artist for Golden Age Flash, Black Canary, Green Lantern and Justice Society of America, westerns and science fiction. At Prize Comics Infantino drew Charlie Chan.

1956 DC decided to revive the superhero market starting with an updated Flash. Infantino would design the now famous streamlined red suit. Infantion used the blurring effect to depict Flash's speed. the success of the Flash began the Silver Age of comics...
Infantino would also draw Adam Strange in Mystery in Space, Batman and Robin and Elongated Man.

At Marvel, Infantino would draw Star Wars, Spider-Woman and Nova.

A winner of numerous awards, Infantino was elected to the Comic Book Hall of Fame 2000.

The Flash stamp is credited to Carmine Infantino and Murray Anderson. Infantino is also credited with the Marvel stamp issue Spider-Woman, with Tony DeZuniga.

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