Friday, January 29, 2016

Alejandro Bruzzese - Space Adventure

2015.06.06  NY Special Edition, NYC

Alejandro Bruzzese's table was next to Colin Lawler, and I decided to keep working the space theme. Bruzzeses' approach was to take on the look of a comic book panel, with an astronaut fighting a couple of aliens..

Alejandro is a cartoonist, graphic designer, write and teacher. Originally from Uruguay currently residing in Brooklyn, NY

Largely self-taught, his work has been influenced by Wayne Barlow, Pete Fowler, Stanislav Szukalski, Junko Mizuno and Grant Morrison.. He has developed an illustration style which focuses on character design, dynamic movement and sparse settings.

Aljeandro's work has appeared in God Hates Astronauts, Feral NYC, Dracula: Son of the Dragon, Bartika.....

Alejando Bruzzese website

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