Friday, November 14, 2014

Donny Cates - Batman

2014.10.11 New York Comic Con, NYC

After leaving artist alley, I ventured to the main floor to check out the comic companies. As I walked past the Dark Horse booth, I noticed a creator drawing a Batman sketch in a fan's book. The sketch was not great but the artist was having fun and the collector did not seem to mind. When he was done I questioned the book he was signing "Buzz Kill". He told me he was the writer, Donny Cates. I picked up a copy and asked him to sign it, and questioned why he was drawing a Batman. He stated some collectors ask him to draw even though he is not an artist.

We discussed my collection and that I had one previous writer draw a sketch (Erica Shultz) and had asked Chris Claremont if he would write something (he did not, but after some thought). 

I opted for a Batman sketch from Donny, which is not that bad for a writer. I enjoy collecting and it is fun to watch someone create a drawing even if it is not their specialty.

Buzz Kill is the story of an alcoholic superhero who derives his power from massive amounts of alcohol. Written by Cates and Mark Reznicek, art by Geoff Shaw.

Cates is also writing The Ghost Fleet for Dark Horse Comics...

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