Friday, January 16, 2015

Anthony Marques - The Shadow

2014.10.10 Deweys Comic City, Madison, NJ

Anthony Marques is a graduate of the Kubert School, and has worked for DC Comics, Dark Horse and produced a comic anthology Epics through Kickstarter. Now Marques joins Michale Moreci, writer, Moritat and Dev Madan, art, on Dynamite's one-shot book The Shadow - Agents of the Shadow.  Faced with a world without the Shadow his agents must step up and tackle a crime syndicate...

Signed by Marques, the cover art for the book is by Robert Hack... I am not OCD, but I keep wanting to peel that damn price sticker off the book!!

The Shadow first appeared as a pulp fiction character, in the story "The Living Shadow", in 1931. The character was created by Walter Gibson under the pen name Maxwell Grant.  The Shadow would continue in publication until 1980 featured in over 300 stories.  The Shadow is a vigilante, using a secret identity, dressed in black working in the shadows of the night.

By 1931 the character had moved to radio with Frank Readick voicing the character. In 1937 Orson Welles would bring the character to life in the official Shadow radio dramas.

Comic strips took hold of the Shadow in 1940, written by Gibson and pencilled by Vernon Greene. The strip ran for 2 years. Archie Comics would revive the character in 1964 with an eight-series run of books. These stories were written by Robert Bernstein and Jerry Siegel, with art by John Rosenberger. DC Comics would reintroduce the Shadow in 1973, written by Dennis O'Neil and pencilled by Michael Kaluta, Frank Robbins and E.R. Cruz. The character would continue to find his way into the comics over the years..

In film the Shadow had s series of short movies produced in 1931-1932 based on the Detective Story Radio program.  Five additional features would be produced in 1937 through 1958, until 1994 when Alec Baldwin brought the character back to life..

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?