Friday, October 7, 2016

Rags Morales - Batman

2016.07.09 Garden State Comic Fest, Morristown, NJ

Since 1989 Morales has trudged his way through the mean streets and jungles of suburban New Jersey to entertain the comicbookin' masses and tickle them into nerdgasms...

Count me as having a nerdgasm after seeing this pencil sketch of Batman. .. Rags is a graduate of the Kubert School.  He has since written for Acton Comics, provided pencils for Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, Archer & Armstrong, Batman Confidential, Black Condor, Blackest night, Bloodshot, Dungeons and Dragons, Hawkman, Sgt, Rock, First Wave, Green Lantern, and many other titles. He has inked Action Comics, Turok Dinosaur Hunter, New Avengers, Green Lantern, JSA Secret Files and many others..

Cover artist for Action Comics, Archer & Armstrong, Black Condor, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Superman, Nightwing, Larfleeze, Justice League and many others...

Morales has received awards, which include:
2004 Wizard Fan Award favorite mini-series: Identity Crisis
2005 Wizard Fan Award favorite one-shot: Countdown to Infinite Crisis
2004 Best mini-series Diamond Publishing: Identity Crisis
1977-78 St. Theresa Little League All-Star Team

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