Friday, September 23, 2016

Howie Noel - Louie the Lilac

2016.08.27 Monsters and Robots, Somerset, NJ

When I picked up this envelope, I knew I wanted to get a sketch of Milton Berle as Louie the Lilac, from the Batman TV series. I ran into an old friend Nick Mockoviac when I entered the Monsters and Robots show. I told him I was looking for the right person to provide a character sketch. He pointed to Howie Noel, whose booth we were standing in front of. Noel provided an excellent rendition of the Berle character.

The Batman TV series ran from 1966 - 1968, featuring many top names in villainous roles created just for the show. Louie the Lilac appeared in 1967, having cornered the flower market in Gotham, he planned on taking over the "flower generation"..  Milton Berle is considered the first major American TV star and was affectionately known as "Uncle Miltie"..

Berle stamp was part of a series honoring early stars of television. Berle starred in the Texaco Star Theatre (1948-1955)..

Howie Noel is an illustrator-caricturist, as well as the creator of the comic Tara Normal, Mr Scootles and Vincent: The Painter of Death. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Noel is the official cartoonist of TAPS Paramagazine...

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