Friday, August 12, 2016

Josephine Lee - Bear Hug!

2016.07.09 Garden State Comic Fest, Morristown, NJ

Josephine Lee studied animation at Cal Arts for two years before obtaining her degree in interior design at SVA.

From her various sites on Twitch, instagram and from her website
"I draw, I doodle, I daydream. I eat, I laugh, I enjoy life.

I love designing an I love drawing

I decided it's ok for me to have everything I want. So, it's ok for me to design but still pursue art and I shall.

I shall draw, draw and draw...."

I was taken by the art Ms Lee presented at her table. Bight red ringed cheeks on animals. I asked for a sketch and Ms Lee looked through my selection of animal related first day covers. She chose the Polar Bear, because her friend loved polar bears. There is no better reason than this...

Check out her site at twitch, website, look for the Unicorn Man and Ox and the Village, as well as her other wonderful animals...

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