Friday, April 29, 2016

Paul Harding - Star Wars - Rancor

2016.04.17 East Coast Comic Con, Seacaucus, NJ

From Marvel Legends to DC Collectibles' Icon line, sculptor & illustrator Paul harding had left an indelible mark on the action figure and statue world.  That being said I usually glance at tables with statues and figures trying not to make eye contact with the vendor, so I don't get their hopes up thinking I might buy something.  I simply do not collect statues or action figures. I appreciate the work that goes into them and the beauty of the piece, so when I turned the corner and saw Paul Harding's table with a few figures in boxes I had planned on passing him by. Then I noticed he was working on a wash of Kylo Ren. He had a couple of sketches on the table he had been working on.

I stopped and watched him work and asked about his doing sketches. He stated he was, but preferred to draw villains. Since he was working a a Star Wars sketch, I asked if he could draw a Star Wars related character on the C3PO first day cover. He agreed, but wanted to do a villain. My response is usually a simple go for it.  And he did with this excellent Rancor

Harding has created figures for Batman Black and White, Sideshow Collectibles, Hasbro, Gentle Giant (Star Wars, GI Joe, Star Trek, Pacific Rim)

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