Friday, November 20, 2015

Michael Grassia - Popeye

2015.11.07 Superheroes for Hospice, Livingston, NJ

At the Superheroes for Hospice show I stopped at the Outpouring Comics table. I picked up a promo card for Rusty Gilligan and asked Jonathan Miller where Rusty was this day, and was told at another event, which sounded something like Pop Art Con. I responded "There's a Con for Popeye!". Michael Grassia who was sitting next to the Outpouring Comics table, yelled "I'd go to that!" and the discussion of Popeye and Robin Williams' movie started. Grassia showed me a sketch he recently did of Popeye, and this gave me the idea to have Grassia  draw Popeye on a US Naval Academy cover..

Michael Grassia is an art teaches who realized his passion is storytelling through illustration and animation. He produced the child-friendly web-comic Plunger-Pup, a sci-fi adventure about a dog who fights crime with a magic plunger...

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