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Chris Calle - Moon Landing

2014.05.07 postmarked

Oh my GOD!!!
The voice was that of a 10-year old girl - the body it came out of was a 50+ male. That was my reaction when I saw the above sketch from Chris Calle.

I had the opportunity to receive a correspondence from Chris Calle, when I had posted one of the Peter Max moon landing covers I had on e-bay. Since I had a few copies of the cover being offered, I suggested a trade of several space and Peter Max related covers for a sketch of his. His e-mail came back "I usually do not do quick sketches...    let's trade!"

Apparently Calle had visited my site previously and was impressed with the covers I had presented. The note he sent with the above cover "My cover to add to your very cool collection - All the best, Chris."

Chris Calle is the son of Paul Calle (1928-2010), two of the most talented artists to put pen to paper. Their specialty is space art. Paul designed the 1969 Moon Landing stamp, as well as the Gemini Space twins, Douglas MacArthur, Robert Frost, Clara Maas, Vietnam Veterans all for the USPS. Paul also designed stamps for the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Sweden and the United Nations.

1962 - NASA set up their art program for the purpose of recording the history of space through the eyes of artists. These artists included Paul Calle, Norman Rockwell, Robert Rauschenberg, Annie Leibovitz and several others. As part of the program, Calle was given exclusive access to the astronauts during the mission and his sketches are on display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

Chris Calle followed in his father's footsteps as he designed the 25th anniversary Moon Landing stamp with his father. Chris has also designed many issues for the USPS including issues for Bessie Coleman, Theodore von Karman, Edward R Murrow, Connecticut Statehood, and others. Chris Calle also produces his own first day covers...

Chris Calle also specializes in wildlife and nature sketches due to his concern for the environment and the plight of endangered species...

As for the Moon Landing envelope, this was given to me by my Uncle Bob, who was President of an envelope manufacturing company, the same facility where my parents worked and met. Uncle Bob was in Washington for a conference on Sept 9, 1969, when the stamp was issued. He attempted to obtain a first day cancel, but found he did not have an envelope in his possession. He had to borrow one!
Because of this I have always held on to this cover, never realizing that one day it would carry Chris Calle artwork.

As far as the trade I made with Chris - I win!

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signed fdc said...

Very nice cover! I have 2 space covers with sketches by Paul Calle, really fantastic!

1969 First Man On The Moon

1967 Saluting United States Space Achievements