Friday, March 21, 2014

Canaan White - Uber

Allied Troop
2013.10.11 New York Comic Con

Canaan White is the artist for the Avatar Press comic Uber, written by Kieron Gillen. The story alters the history of the second world war, where super soldiers control the fate of the battle...

Canaan White was sitting at the Avatar Press booth, when I walked by. I stopped to watch him sketch an Uber comic book cover and and was very impressed by his skill. I was not familiar with the comic, but become impressed with the story as Canaan explained it to me. I could not turn up a chance to obtain a sketch from this talented artist so I asked if he could draw on a first day cover. I chose the Inverted Jenny commemorative because I was thinking the story was taking place during the first world war instead of the second. My mistake, however Canaan's sketch of the allied soldier is wonderful.

The Inverted Jenny was an error postage stamp issued in 1918, where the image of the Curtiss Jenny bi-plane was printed upside down, in relation to the stamp border. Only 100 stamps found their way into public hands making it one of the most famous errors in US stamp collecting. The stamp has reached a value in excess of $900,000.00. In 2013 the US Postal Service decided to commemorate the famous mistake by re-issuing the stamp in a $2.00 value. The original Jenny was a 24c airmail stamp.

The Inverted Jenny made an appearance on the Simpson's during the 5th season. In Homer's Barbershop Quartet, Homer is looking through a box at a local flea market finds a full sheet of stamps and throws them back with the statement "the airplanes upside down"...

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