Friday, January 17, 2014

David McClain - The Artifyce Connection

2013.11.09 Superheroes for Hospice, West Orange, NJ

A 2000 year cryogenic deep sleep... & you still manage to make the top 10 most wanted list... in the known galaxy? The Artifyce Connection is a space spy-thriller that sees the emergence of Lt Col Damien T. Hightower from a cryogenic sleep. XJ and her crew have extracted him from his cryo-chamber just when things are not looking well outside of the transport gate located between Mercury and the bases have been notified...

The Artifyce Connection is a web-comic created by David McClain. McClain began working as a penciler and inker at ScriptGraphics in 1981. McClain collaborated with writer Mark W. Harris on projects including "Brother's of the Wood", "Brandon Tolliver" and "Tutt". He has also worked on other projects such a "Maverick" and "Psi-Girl".

McClain has worked for Blackthorne Publishing in 1987 as Logo artist for their Color Line books and background penciler on the Street Wolf series, penciler and inker on Beatnik Comics' "Few Survive the Mission", "Equilibrium" and "UrbanHood". McClain was inker for 3rd Eye Publishing's Shadow Walker #1 and as cover artist for Landmark Comics "Flying Objects #1" and penciler for "The Cradinal"...

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