Friday, January 24, 2014

Darrell Goza - White Fire

2013.11.09 Superheroes for Hospice, West Orange, NJ
White Fire - Destiny Squad

Darrell Goza - has worked with many small press comic books, Tutt (with M.W. Harris, DAvid MClain and Danny Nunez), Kulprit (with Kevin Darmaine for Dreadlockedninja Publishing), Danse (with M.W. Harris for Blackthorne Publishing), Resonnance (with Mark Alfred for ScritpGraphics), Crusader (with Keith Royster for ScriptGraphics)

With DC comics he pencilled backgrounds on The Young All-Stars, Nintendo/Valiant Comics  Capt N, backgrounds on Hero Graphics' Icicle, coloring on Puppet Terrors, backgrounds on Dark Horse Comics' The American, pencils on The Scarlet Scorpion from AC Comics....

ScriptGraphics was created by Keith Royster, Howard Small and Darrell Goza issuing a 13 page fanzine. As high school ends and life happens ScriptGraphics was put on hold. Years later Goza revived ScriptGraphics as a small press publisher. Their first publication was "The Professionals" with art and story by Goza. Destiny Squad stories would soon follow with help from Royster, Jim Saldana, Willie Peppers, John Brown, Nick Alenikov, David Amaker and other talents....

Goza also worked on Psi-Girl with Jeff Wilcox, Ben Collins and David McClain...

Lady Spiritfist, A weekly comic strip about a martial arts in a story revolving around mysticism magic and a woman's determination..

Darrell Goza's second story, with art by John Davenport and Mike Dargo, on Smack Jeeves webcomic-hosting is Thunderhawk, a science fiction story with a lot of twists and turns that will pull readers in one direction and than another and yet another again. Heroes and villains will be interchangeable at one time and then back again, because everyone is multifaceted and within the structure of this we'll explore all the motivations for all the character.

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