Friday, November 29, 2013

Matthew J Fletcher - Winged Monkey

2013.10.11 Comic Con, NYC

Prior to attending Comic Con, I had attended an Imax, 3D showing of the Wizard of Oz in celebration of the movie's 75th anniversary. The movie was in theaters for only 1 week. Even though I could probably recite much of the dialog along with the movie, I had to go see it on the big screen. Since it was not intended for 3D, there were no cheesy effects like throwing items at the screen. However the 3D helped bring out depth in many of the scenes especially in Munchkin Land, wher you could clearly see many of the Munchkin faces (after all these years I learned they used children to help fill in the crowds).

I had wanted to get at least one winged monkey sketch and Matthew J Fletcher did an excellent job on the Year of the Monkey FDC. Fletcher is currently the feature artist on Red Stylo Media's graphic novel the 7th Voyage... Fletcher has also illustrated The House of Montressor as part of the Poe Twisted Anthology, contributed sketch cards for Perna Studio's Classic Mythology card set and has been featured in Thunk Magazine...

Wizard of Oz FDC  1990.03.23 Hollywood, Ca
My lino-block print cachet of Dorothy (Judy Garland)
Wizard of Oz Day 1994.09.01 Chesterton, In - commemorative cancel
singed by Ray Bolger the Scarecrow of Oz
I thought the cover would look better if the yellow-brick road in the cancel were yellow, and I extended the design across the cover
Emerald City Station 2002.06.22 Aberdeen, SD - commemorative cancel
The Wizard of Oz is very popular as commemorative cancels exist for festivals held all across the country.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!

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