Friday, October 18, 2013

Ramona Fradon - Aquaman

2013.10.11 NY Comic Con, NYC

When I found out Ramona Fradon was going to be at comic con, I made it a point to get a sketch from this matriarch of comics. Fradon, known for her work with Aquaman, is co-creator of Metamorpho.  Starting her career in 1950, Fradon landed her first assignment with DC Comics on the title Shining Knight, followed by drawing backup stories in Adventure Comics featuring Aquaman. Fradon is also credited with co-creating Aqualad. Fradon would also contribute art for Superman, Batman, House of Mystery, Gang Busters, Freedom Fighters and Plastic Man.  Fradon also put time in at Marvel comics on Fantastic Four and Girl Comics.

In 1980, Fradon took over the daily comic strip Brenda Starr, from Dale Messick continuing of the strip for 15 years... Brenda Starr was commemorated as part of the 1995 Comic Strip Classics issue

Fradon was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2006, Women Cartoonists Hall of Fame in 1999.

I am always amazed that more attendees were not flocking to her table. They don't know what they are missing...

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