Friday, October 11, 2013

Amy Reeder - Rocket Girl

2013.10.11 NY Comic Con, NYC

Just got back from Comic Con and had a great time (I will be back there tomorrow helping to promote the Barnabas Hospice). My first post from the show features Rocket Girl from Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare. Getting this sketch was special, not juts because I enjoy stories about people with jet packs, but I had received my copy of Rocket Girl #1 on Wednesday as a supporter through Kickstarter. I have enjoyed backing a few successful projects, it is fun watching them take form.

Rocket Girl was funded June 7, 2013 and posted as a high-flying adventure comic by artist Reeder and writer Montclare. DaYoung Johansson, a 15 year-old cop from the future goes back in time (to 1986) to save the world... I look forward to the next issue.

Amy Reeder has previously worked on Fool's Gold, Madame Xanadu and Batwoman.  Brandon Montclare has written for Marvel's Fear Itself - Fantastic Four, Haunted Tank, Batman, Mystery in Space and many other titles. Together Reeder and Montclare produced Halloween Eve published through Image...

The stamp used on this cover features the Wright Brothers first flight commemorated as part of the Celebrate the Century issues of 1998. Otto Lillenthal made the first glider flight in 1895, in germany. Octave Chanute made the first flight with a hang glider in 1896, in America, and the Wright Brothers followed with powered flight by 1904.  I liked the idea of combining the beginnings of flight with a futuristic concept of the flight suit...

It is always a pleasure to see many of the artists and writers I have meet over the years at the conventions, Paul Castiglia and Fernando Ruiz at the Archie booth, Richard Clark, Erica Schultz and her husband. I was able to get Erica's M3 second issue with cover by Bill Sienkiewcz signed by Sienkiewicz.  Paris Cullins, Joe Staton, Joe Endres and Jesus Marquez, Jason Quinones, all who have provided me with great sketches in the past.

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