Friday, September 13, 2013

Rich Torrey - Hartland

Rich Torrey - Hartland 1989

Another sketch on envelope that is not a first day cover. when I started collecting sketches I would send out post card size stock with my sketch requests. Rich Torrey was drawing a comic strip called Hartland. The sketch on card and envelope came long after I had sent the requests. The sketch on the envelope says "What Took You So Long?" the enclosed letter explains...

Very sorry in the delay in getting this to you. I spent the spring fighting with the syndicate, trying to save the strip from an untimely death. To no avail, King Features canceled it June 18th! They also delayed my mail and I'm just getting this now. Better late than never I guess. Here's the requested sketch, and I hope you enjoy it!
Best wishes.....

Torrey has been an author, illustrator and cartoonist, working for Highlights Magazine, KidCity (Sesame Street publication) and Inside Sports.. Besides Hartland, Torrey drew the syndicated strip Pete and Clete and currently works on children's books for Random House, Simon & Shuster, Golden Books, McGraw-Hill, Grolier/Scholastic, Harper Collins, and Innovative Kids

Torrey's dad is Hockey Hall of Famer Bill Torrey (NY Islanders - 4 Stanley Cups)

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