Friday, August 9, 2013

Webster Colcord - Mutagenic Man

Mutagenic Man by Webster Colcord

Webster Colcord started his animation career with the Will Vinton Studios in 1987 as a stop motion animator. While at Vinton Studios, Colcord's credits included the Emmy-winning Claymation Christmas Celebration, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and commercials for Tang, Fuji and Nabisco...

As a freelance animator Colcord has produced music videos or Roger Waters and Wierd Al Yankovic, and commericals for Converse All-Star sneakers, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr., Warner Bros. television...

Colcord worked on Disney's "James and the Giant Peach", Henry Selick's "Monkeybone", Brisk Ice Tea commercials, NBC's Community TV series ...

I am a big fan of the Ray Harryhausen animation

I picked this cover up on ebay and contacted Colcord to ask about the character Mutagenic Man. His response:

Interesting!  I would love to know where you found it, or what the story is behind that.  It was probably a sketch I did at a sc-fi convention in the Northwest.  

The only official appearances that character has made are in a short comic story for a Pacific Northwest underground comic publication and in the opening credits of a show that I tried to sell as a series: Extreme Man & Insane Boy

- Webster

Webster Colcord

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