Friday, August 2, 2013

Edwin Vazquez - Batman

2013.07.26 mailed from Elmont, NY

I met Edwin at the Superheroes for Hospice show on July 20, he was one of the guests promoting his Kickstarter backed comic "The Werewolf of NYC". I had the opportunity to look up his website before going to the show and was taken by his project called "Egghead Codex". After discussing his art I told Edwin that although I did not fully get the Egghead Codex, I really enjoyed the art, a mix of Mayan style and modern heroes (Captain America, Batman and Spiderman on page 2). I liked the way these superheroes of today would have been represented by an ancient culture. for this reason I had brought along a Cinco de Mayo first day cover in hopes of getting a sketch in the Mayan style, and he does not disappoint with the Batman! This was part of Edwin's thesis for school so the style is very different from his latest project...

Edwin is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts and has been influenced by the settings of NYC. He was inspried by his studies with Joey Cavalieri of DC comics and assistant work with Jerry Robinson on the "Human Rights" art show. 

I missed Edwin's Kickstarter for Werewolf, which ran in November 2012...Beware! A Werewolf lurks terrorizing the citizens of New York City in the streets of Hell's Kitchen.
Suggested for Mature Readers !!!

Edwin's style is unique as he uses a scratchboard to create the art for Werewolf. A signed copy, #1 of a 4 part miniseries, is featured on the left.

Being a fan of Marvel Value stamps, which have been duplicated in Marvel Spidey Stories, Bongo Comics Simpson and several others, it was a pleasant surprise to see a letters page at the back of the comic with a Werewolf stamp. As posted on Edwin's blog "Included in the Werewolf of NYC will be a letters page. Similar to the classic comics features above (an image of a Marvel letters page with Marvel Kull value stamp). Send me your letters with questions, statements and I will print them."

Wolfnews with a review of The Werewolf of NYC...

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