Friday, March 22, 2013

Isaiah McAllister - Bear VS. Zombies

2012.11.11 Albany Comic Con, Albany, NY

So what does a bear do in the woods?
During a zombie apocalypse he kills zombies, aided by a yo-yo wielding rabbit!

Bear VS. Zombies is an action adventure, humor web-comic from Isaiah McCallister. He got the idea after reading The Walking Dead comic book series. Working with a previously created bear character, McCallister developed the story line of a zombie apocalypse from the view point of the animals.

I read a review of the web-comic that although the reviewer liked the story he had a problem with the pop-culture references being made by a bear and a rabbit. Really! Bear kills zombies with a bow and arrow and the rabbit, Duncan (get it!?), masterfully brandishes twin yo-yos better than Tommy Smothers!!  And he was concerned with their knowledge of the human world!!!

Bear VS. Zombie has been published in a comic book by Scrimmage Books.

McCallister has also provided sketch cards for Marvel Avengers, Star Wars, Vampirella, Warlord of Mars, Transformers, DC Comics...

As of this post McAllister has delayed further posts of Bear vs Zombies due to his busy schedule with sketch cards for various companies...

For this sketch I used a cover with a 1990 pictorial cancel which features a teddy bear. The cancel is from Clarion, Iowa home of the Heartland Museum, which features the Artist Teddy Bear Exhibit. 1990 was the first Teddy Bear Reunion, which is held every 5-years in Clarion...

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