Friday, February 1, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

1986 J. Adams of Dayton, Oh - hand drawn cachet

With Superbowl XLVII Sunday February3, 2013, New Orleans, La, approaching I thought I would post a couple of non-comic related covers. I know nothing about either artist, however the first cover honors Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne, who coached from 1918-1930 collecting 105 wins, 12 losses and 5 ties. 3 National Championships, 5 undefeated seasons and a trip to the 1925 Rose Bowl for a victory, very impressive... Rockne also played for Noter Dame from1910-1913...

Rockne, elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 1951, is credited with popularizing the use of the forward pass. Prior to this, play consisted of runs and short pitches...

I enjoy this cover as the Notre Dame fan seems to be giving it all for the team!!!

I picked this cover up on ebay recently. Not great art but a fan event cover. Created by the addressee Chest C. Abel, the cover features a hand drawn football field and is postmarked Aug 1, 1981 Fort Collins, Co, where the Denver Broncos held their training camp at Colorado State University (from 1962-1964, 1976-1981)...

The cover, with admission ticket, commemorated a team scrimmage Chester attended. The Broncos would finish the 1981 season 10-6, 2nd in the AFC West, under head coach Dan Reeves. Notable players on the Broncos team include Craig  Morton, Rob Lytle, Rick Upchurch and Randy Gradishar.

I purchased this cover because I liked the fan-based art commemorating something he attended, something he enjoyed. I have created a few fan based covers myself over the years, but it gets tougher with lack of co-operation at some of the postal stations. It does not stop me, but has made the success rate smaller.

Here is one of mine with a football commemorative cancel from 1984, Milwaukee, Wi used for the UWMPSEX 84 stamp show. The cover is signed by Kyle Rote (NY Giants 1951-1961) and OJ Anderson (StL Cardinals 1979-1986, NY Giants 1986-1992)

Even if your team is not playing in the bowl this year (mine are not) enjoy the game, enjoy the event!

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