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Paul Abrams - Lady Blackhawk

2012.11.11 Albany Comic Con, Albany, NY

The Blackhawk Sqaudron was created by Will Eisner, Chuck Cuidera and Bob Powell, appearing in Military Comics #1, 1941...The Blackhawks were a team of World War II ace pilots, led by Blackhawk  (Bart Hawk). the original team featured an international group of pilots, Andre (France), Olaf (Sweden or Norway depending on the comic), Chuck (American), Hans (Dutch), Stanislaus (Poland) Chop-Chop later named Wu Cheng (China) and Zinda Blake known as Lady Blackhawk (American).
Other members who saw limited time were Zeg (Poland), Boris (Russia), Baker (England).

In 1987 Dc revamped the story line under Howard Chaykin making the leader Janos Prohaska (Poland), adding Chuck (NJ raised Italian), Ritter (Dutch) and Natalie Reed as Lady Blackhawk (America). Occasional members included Grover (America), Paco (Mexico), Mairzey (Malaysia).

Zinda Blake would reappear during Zero Hour: Crisis in Time (1994) and join Birds of Prey....

The aircraft used in the comics were actual jets used at the time the comic was published including the Grumman XF5F Skyrocket, Lockheed F-94 Starfire, Republic F-84 Thunderjet
The Blackhawks were first published by Quality Comics and then by DC Comics which ran the series for 243 issues, ending in 1968. 

I have not had any interest in the DC New 52. The only book I was reading was the Blackhawks which was canceled after 8 issues...

Paul Abrams is both a fine artist and comic book artists, often painting mystical still life and dramatic moody landscapes. He strives for beauty and mystery, translating into an art reflecting magical wonder.
Abrams has provided art for First Comics: Badger; Marvel Comics: Marvel Universe, Nick Fury Shield, Wolverine, The Avenger, Excalibur; DC Comics: TSR Worlds, Forgotten Realms; Malibu Comics: Mantra, The Strangers; Hero Graphics: Tigress, Flare Adventures; Warp Comics: Elfquest; Heavy Metal Magazine; Lightning Comics: War Party, Curse of Dreadwolf, Catfight, Hellina, Claire Voyant and many others.....

The first day cover features the US stamp honoring Gen Billy Mitchell, regarded as the father of the US Air Force. Mitchell fought in WWI and the Spanish-American War and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, WWI Victory Medal, Congressional Gold Medal...

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