Friday, January 25, 2013

Charles Dowd - Lilith Dark

2012.08.04 The Great Allentown Comic Con! (Pa)

Charles Dowd is a Baltimore based artist and illustrator specializing in the darker surreal side of fantasy art. He is the creator of Lilith Dark, an all-ages graphic novel about a young girl with a wild imagination who discovers that evil beasties live in a tree in her backyard...

Hello Beastie. I do not fear you for I am Lilith Dark!

Lilith Dark is a web-based comic that has found it's way to print format. Lilith made it's debut September 2010. I had not read the web-comic, but after reading the book I have to see what happens next!

I enjoy the use of a child's imagination, like the stuffed Dinosaurus turning into a real dinosaur (a la Calvin and Hobbes, but that's ok becasue Calvin and Hobbes are great) that's what allows the story line to take what ever turn it wants. Watch out for the Beasties...

Lilith Dark

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