Friday, November 2, 2012

Chris Campana - Kantara

2012.09.29 Asbury Park, NJ - Ris from Kantara

Chris Campana is a self-taught artist whose credits include work for Caliber Comics, 5th Panel, Mindscape, Intrepid and Yvette Avenue and Metaverse. Chris has also done storyboards for commericals and video game design. His work is influenced by Frank Frazetta, John Romita, Sal Buscema and Alfredo Acala...

Along with Mike Radosti, writer, co-plotter and Rob Wybraniec, colorist, they have created the comic Kantara a fantasy story that involves sorcery, creatures, dragons, an evil Lord and the search for a magical book... I had read in a review that Campana, Radosti and Wybraniec drew comic fans to their table with their enthusiasm, and I realized that was on of the things that won me over. The art and story are great, but their belief in what they are producing really helps to sell the book. Matt and I had stopped at another table and Matt later said the these guys looked scared that we wouldn't like their comic. Yeah, that came through as we did not pick up their book. Best of luck...

It began with Entalon. The Dragons came, and they taught the people. To each of the chieftains, they gave a magical gift...


2 excellent reviews of the book -
Fantasy Faction

Hope everyone came through Sandy without too much damage, we were lucky and came out without incidence... Our best to all out there!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words..glad you liked the books.

Chris Campana