Wednesday, August 22, 2012

D'oh! - USPS the Simpsons

2012.08.22 - Stuck with the Simpsons
The Star Ledger (NJ)

In a article by Angela Greiling Keane, it was mentioned that the USPS wasted $1.2 million in printing costs for the Simpsons stamps. The over-production resulted from the USPS projection that the stamp buying public would welcome the commemorative stamp.  1 billion stamps were produced, while 318 million were sold. The Simpsons stamp were available from 2009-2010 and feature individual stamps of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Currently the top selling stamps are the 1993 Elvis Presley and the 1995 Marilyn Monroe issues. The 1997 Bugs Bunny series and the 2010 Animal shelter pets both sold out and had to be re-printed.

Personally as a collector I found the stamps very unattractive. I think if the designs were better, a family image or a scene from the series, the stamps may have been better received by the stamp buying public...

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