Friday, July 6, 2012

Pablo Marcos - Zombie

2012.06.09 Super Mega Show, Whippany, NJ

It is always a pleasure to meet someone of Pablo Marcos' skill in being able to provide finely detailed drawings that keep the viewer looking for minor details. Marcos, born in Peru, wher he started his career working with Julio Fairle at the newspaper La Prensa. Marcos would later contribute to magazines, Rochabus and Zamba Conuto. During the 1960s he would draw the comic strips Benito Puna and James Bond 007. By 1966 Marcos was freelancing for the Mexican publisher Editorial Novaro. Marcos would move to Mexico in 1967...

During the 1970s Marcos relocated to New Jersey, USA! Working for Warren Publishing Marcos would pencil stories for Creepy and Eerie. In 1972 Marcos would start working for Skywald Publications' Nightmare, where he would meet artist and future mentor Boris Vallejo. Bringing his talents to Marvel Comics, Marcos would work on Captain Britain, Planet of the Apes, Dracula, Monsters Unleashed, Tales of the Zombie and Vampire Tales...

Freelancing for DC Comics, Marcos would work on Man-Bat in Detective Comics, Freedom Fighters, Kamandi, Kobra, Secret Society of Super-Villians.  Marcos would also create the series Dragon for the Italian magazine Ejea.

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