Friday, June 15, 2012

Ed Coutts - Zatanna

2012.06.09 Super Mega Show, Whippany, NJ

Ed Coutts has garnered attention as a fan favorite artist on the long-running AC Comics series "Femforce", but has also been recognized in the fine art world where his paintings have been on display at the Asterdam-Whitney Gallery, in New York. A native New Yorker, Ed was born in Hells Kitchen and hasn't yet been able to escape! - Bio printed in VaVaVaVoom! #2
VaVaVaVoom!  - Palisade Press - features an anthology of 5 stories written by Paul Monsky. The cover and first feature starring the character Alina Aguilar features pencils by Rudy Nebres and inks by Ed Coutts. Coutts told me it was a difficult pleasure inking over the detailed pencils of Nebres. Nebres' style shows intricate detail in every panel of the story and Coutts inks brings out every beautiful detail.

VaVaVaVoom! #2 signed by Ed Coutts and Rudy Nebres

At Coutts table were numerous prints of gorgeous women. When we discussed a possible sketch, Coutts choose to do Zatanna. The obivious cover was Marilyn Monroe. Zatanna was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson in 1964, appearing Hawkman comics. Zatanna is a magician associated with the Justice League and was voted the 4th in Comic Buyer's Guide of the 100 sexiest women in comics. Imagine Monroe playing the role...

I was at the show helping at the Superheroes for Hospice table, right next to Ed's. Had a great time discussing comics, Femforce and was especially thrilled to be able to watch Ed and Rudy Nebres discuss anatomic technique, with Rudy quickly drawing sketches on a piece of scrap paper...Amazing!
I wasn't sure a scan of Coutts pencil sketch would reproduce the beautiful detailed shading...

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