Friday, May 11, 2012

Jason Quinones - PS 666

2012.03.31 NY Comic Book Marketplace, NYC

A 1994 graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Jason Quinones has created clothing graphic designs for Warner Bros Looney Tunes and Marvel Comics Spiderman. Quinones has provided freelance spot illustrations for Scholastic as well as several web based comic sites.

Quinones has self-published Beer and Cookies, filled with parodies of many of todays comic heroes. The book also features Quinones' creation P.S. 666, the story of a city public school, whose students are ghouls and monsters. The above sketch features Warren Wolfawitz one of the PS 666 students. Excellent drawing for his first con sketch. As he posted on his blog the rough texture of the paper this envelope was made of was intimidating (although Jason said it much differently) I agree that it came out real nice!

Excerpt of PS 666 from Beer & Cookies...

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Jason Quinones said...

Thank you very much for this write up and for the art praise sir! I was really happy with how the sketch came out am honored that it is in good company with the rest of your collection.