Thursday, September 6, 2012

EPiCS Anthology

On April 5 - I originally posted this : The book is ready, and I have received my digital copy. An excellent effort.  On September 15 Dewey's Comic City, Madison, NJ is going to host an official release party and signing with all four artists from the book in attendance. Come out and meet the artists and get your copy of EPiCs anthology signed.

On free comic book day, Dewey's also hosted Ruiz, Marques and Redivo for sketches for the customers. I was very lucky to get them to provide me with sketches of their characters from the book. Tomorrow starts with Fernando Ruiz and the Iron Ghost!

Original post: Just learned about a project being put together by Fernando Ruiz, Anthony Marques, Fabio Redivo and Bob Hardin. It's called EPiCS, a book that will consist of 4 short stories featuring high flying adventure, intense horror and intrigue, adrenaline inspired thrills and mystery.

These talent writers and artists are raising funds to complete the project through Kickstarter. I have read articles about bands that have asked their fans to support their efforts to produce a CD, avoiding the trials and tribulations of big business. I had thought it would have been cool to have been part of this, helping a someone with their dream. Now I have. Since my limited artistic ability and writing skills will never get me published, I can still be a part of this project by providing support and so can you!

Bob C hardin - Rat Rod Daddy's Daughter - Hot Rod Racing 50's style
Fernando Ruiz - The Iron Ghost - Science fiction and intrigue
Anthony Marques - Katyusha - Rocket packed super hero in high flying adventure
Fabio Redivo -Drake - private investigator, deceit, murder and a beautiful woman

The fund drive at Kickstarter ends May 13!
Epic Anthology

I have had the pleasure of meeting both Fernando Ruiz and Bob Hardin, both great guys. The Epics website features previews of the stories, and it looks great. I am happy to be part of their adventure and glad I can help.

Thanks to Dewey's Comic City for the initial information. The cover is from Anthony Marques deviant art website.."This is the cover I did for an anthology book that should be done by spring time...Hope ya like it."

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