Friday, March 23, 2012

McGruff the Crime Dog

2011.04.03 -  Bobby Timony - Wild Pig Comic Con, Somerset, NJ

Twin Comics produces The Night Owls, written by Peter Timony, art by Bobby Timony. Set in the 1920s NYC, Professor Ernest Baxter, Mindy Markus, flapper and Roscoe, a Bonx gargoyle are the Night Owls. together they solve crimes no one else can, the supernatural kind. A Web comic, the Night Owls were Harvey Award nominees 2009 for Best New Series, Best Online Work and Best New Talent, Bobby Timony...

The Night Owls vol 1 collects the Zuda online comic...Roscoe sketch from Vol 1...

When I got home from the show to set up my post, I found Bobby's tweet..First sketch of the day. McGruff the crime dog, with US Postal stamp...awesome!

2011.12.03 Mark Mariano - Superheroes for Hospice

Mark Mariano's HappyLoo characters are for younger readers, with stories that tell tales almost entirely through the artwork. The above cover features HappyLoo character Meatsauce along with McGruff.

Mariano also draws Flabbergast, stories for older children featuring two slackers who stumble across a laboratory that is studying a zombie virus. As expected they set the zombies loose, and with the help of a scientist's daughter they have to save the world.

In the late 1990's Mariano ventured into Webcomics with the O>Matics, a comic strip about his band and their adventures off stage.

"Take A Bite Out of Crime"
McGruff the Crime Dog was created by John Young (Dancer Fitzgerald Sample Ad Agency) for the Ad Council for the National Crime Prevention Council for crime awareness among children through Public Service Announcements in TV commercials, songs and books. The McGruff stamp was issued Sep 24, 1984 Washington, DC...

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