Friday, January 27, 2012

Chris Notarile - The Protector

2011.12.03 Superheroes for Hospice, Livingston, NJ

Chris .R. Notarile is the writer and creator of "The Protector". A filmmaker by trade, Chris is the driving force behind his New Jersey based film company Blinky Productions Inc., and over the last decade Chris has built a very notable reputation for himself in the superhero comic community through his fan films as well as through his original work.

Chris Notrile is an illustrator whose career has span nearly forty years. Drawing inspiration from the silver age comics of his youth, Chris realized his dream of becoming a comic illustrator, when he created and drew a series of 2-page storylines for Teen Life Magazine, at the age of eighteen. Chris also worked briefly as a freelance artist for Marvel comics, while attending the Parsons School of Design. Chris has also produced artwork for TV Guide. Chris is the co-founder and owner of Outlines Inc, producing comps, storyboards and animated webisodes for the advertising community.

Chris' proudest accomplishment is his illustrations for The Protector, and thanks to his son for reconnecting him with his first love...comics.

The Protector tells the story of a golden age hero, who has virtually out lived his usefulness. Longing for the good old days, this now old hero tries to find his place in a modern world.

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