Friday, November 11, 2011

Amy Chace - Sweet Baby Fumes

2011.11.05 Wild Pig Comic Con, Somerset, NJ
Baby Breathing Apparatus Using Sweet Baby Fumes to Breathe...Ah Life!

When I attend a comic con, I have some ideas I about what sketches I want to obtain. Other times I come across the unexpected...

Amy Chace was not the artist I expected to find at a comic con. Yes, she has published the comic Foot Fetish, a Love Story, through Spit-Faced Comics, but proclaims herself to be a visual artist working in wood, acrylic, photos creating mixed media artwork..

As Amy looked through my covers she found several she liked. Hot Air Balloons, Olympic Runner and Astronaut Alan Shepard. Amy selected the Olympic Runner, to which I commented on the similarity to the Cosmic Jumper by a shared favorite Peter Max...

Amy's abstract art compliments the ancient Greek runner and told me that the smell of babies was the most wonderful thing to smell and was her inspiration for this piece. Amy included a small mixed media element to the lower left corner as well as drawing on the back flap on the envelope. I never try to critique any art, but I find elements of surrealism similar to Joan Miro in this artwork.

Astronaut by Amy Chace.

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