Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tom Wilson - Ziggy

Ziggy c1984

2011.09.16 Tom Wilson creator of the Ziggy, the comic strip character who stumbles through life, like the rest of us, passed away at age 80. Wilson created Ziggy in 1969, based on memories from Wilson's childhood, "Ziggy is an experience", "I think in our own heads we're never all that confident. I'm not".

Wilson was working for American Greetings when he created Ziggy for a humor book. Ziggy became a comic strip in 1971 starting in 15 newspapers. Ziggy is now seen in more than 500 newspapers, has appeared in television specials, paperbacks and thousands of office bulletin boards...

Wilson drew Ziggy until 1987, when Tom Jr (Tom Wilson II) took over the strip from his father and continues to draw Ziggy today...

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