Friday, September 9, 2011

Scott Lincoln - Ralf the Destroyer

2011.06.18 Wizard Comic Con, Philadelphia, Pa

Scott Lincoln started in the comic business by drawing a comic strip called Kabloona for the Winsted Phoenix in 1980's, and then moving over to the Winsted Courier. After an opportunity to meet with Guy Gilchrist, Lincoln began assisting Gilchrist on the Nancy and Nights Lights comic strips.

Gilchrist would open a Cartoon Academy, at which Lincoln would teach drawing. The character of Ralf the Destroyer was born during these lessons in 2004.

Ralf is an anti-villain, a villain who can't help being good. Recruited as a one-man demolition crew with the goal of destroying Earth. But Ralf discovers the wonders of the planet and it's inhabitants including Mai, an astronomer. Ralf struggles with the thoughts of being ruler of this planet or destroying it. However most of Earth's inhabitants fail to notice his invasion or that he is an alien...

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