Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bryan "Kaiser" Tillman - Ninja

2011.05.22 Wizard Comic Con, NYC

Bryan "The Kaiser" Tillman - he has his own Creature game-card...Looking through his portfolio I decided to request a sketch, but was not sure of what to go for. My son Matt said to get a ninja. I didn't think I had a cover that would carry a ninja sketch well, so Matt looked through the hundred covers I usually carry with me, and thought the Hawk on the Recovering Species FDC would work., so we set the challenge before The Kasier. Draw a ninja with a hawk reference. He accepted the challenge and achieved success...

When The Kaiser comes into play all other creatures are destroyed. All of your opponents deck has to be placed in the boneyard/ the kaiser card can not be countered.

Remember the Oscar Gamble baseball card

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