Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gene Deitch - Credits

I received an e-mail from Gene Deitch the other day, informing me (and many others) about his new blog - Gene Deitch Credits - The 65 Greats behind the scenes

From the e-mail: "This week I've posted two new pivotal career markers on my "Roll The Credits!" blog. One is about the nuts & bolts of a beginning in graphic arts, (war-time edition), and the other is about the man who most inspired my own graphics direction, ending with a never before published letter that I believe will blow your mind.... Please read it, and be inspired!

The blog is basically an autobiography of the man behind many of television's early animation - as Gene states - The Incredible people who helped make my 80-year career...
They made me look good, and it's high-time I give them the credit they deserve!

Take a few minutes to look at Gene and the people around him, how they helped to shape his career and life...

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