Friday, July 1, 2011

Christopher Uminga - Frankenstein

2011.06.18 Wizard Comic Con, Philadelphia, Pa.

I came across Christopher Uminga's work through a web search and was totally blown away by the style...
Comics Alliance, in an article by Brian Warmoth, he stated Uminga's style melded adorable looks with macabre implications...Yea they are cute, but you would still walk the other way if you saw them on the street...Whether he draws superheroes, kids that like to fight, old school, little monsters...they all draw you in...

While I was walking the floor at Wizard, Philadelphia, I could not believe the Uminga had a table set up. Unexpected as I did not see him on the guest list. When I presented by concept of sketches on FDCs, he quickly said he likes to draw Frankenstein. I was glad to accommodate him with the Frankenstein FDC. He added a light green touch to the ink sketch for some depth to the character.

Uminga's bio states When I close my eyes I see monsters or other friendly creatures. I put them on paper and let them play. Some are scary or even strange, but to me they are my friends..

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