Friday, June 24, 2011

James Anderson - Ellie on Planet X

Transmission from the Strang Institute...2011.06.11...Ellie landed on Planet X June 10, 2010...A little robot on a scientific mission...unfortunately she's off-line...

Ellie is a web-comic drawn by James Anderson, guided by the good people at the Strang Institute's mission control. I found Ellie through's article on the best new web comics of 2010. They stated that Ellie's personality jumps out of every panel and the story has a classic, all-ages approach without feeling like a retread of a newspaper comic. I felt as if I were back in grade school reading a early reader with the drawing in two-colors on the top of the page, the art has that warm feeling. The limited use of color, and simple backgrounds

I also like the blog that goes along with Ellie featuring updates and information, like old manuals, advertisements and news articles from the Strang Institute. Check out the Dance-O-Scope...I hope they have a visitor's center.

I had sent a Project Mercury cover to James Anderson requesting a sketch of Ellie, he gladly consented. Like a kid sending in box tops for the special prize I waited for the cover to find it's way back. I could not be happier. Since I have a collection of space flight related covers this easily fits in both categories.

James also sent a letter on Strang Institute letterhead (I am impressed). - Thanks for sending the first day issue stamp. I'm honored to be able to draw on a stamped envelope from 1962! From Cape Canaveral, no less. I was actually really nervous to draw on it. I didn't want to mess it up. I hope I didn't!

Impossible to mess it up the drawing is better than expected. The letter also featured a drawing of Jeff!

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