Friday, May 20, 2011

Harry North - Mad Magazine

Harry North original art from Mad Magazine #213, 1980... featuring a defunct trading stamp..King Kotton

Harry North an English-born illustrator for Mad Magazine, during the 1970-1990s, as well as Mad Magazine books "The Mad book of Horror Stories, Yeechy Creatures and other neat stuff (writer Lou Silverstone), Mad Tales of School of Hard Yocks (Dick Dibartolo writer), as well as James Bone Shark Bait, Heavy Metal magazine, BEEB Magazine (England)....

"Surplus Items We Can Send to the Arabs"
Artist: Harry North Writer: Tom Koch
Americans are bemoaning the fact that the Arabs are overcharging us of their oil, and then adding insult to injury by bringing the money back here to buy up most of desirable real estate and our most precious art treasures. So MAD asks: Why don't we do something about it? With our famed Yankee ingenuity, we should be able to convince those Middle Eastern oil billionaires that they really ought to spend their US dollars on the very items we'd love to unload. Employing this had sell technique, we could soon get our money back without giving up a single thing that we'd prefer to keep. Mad shows how painlessly we could balance our trade deficit......

Items in the parody article included Our surplus polyester leisure suits, Our perpetual supply of raspberry sherbet, the Philadelphia 76ers, Five million homeless kittens, the greatest tunes of the Johnny Mann singers, North Dakota, Cancelled TV shows, chicken Take-out franchises, Hardy grass seedlings, Spokane's World's Fair site, Outmoded 3-D glasses, Jimmy Connors and Ilie Nastase, Bankrupt stockbrokers equipment, Shameful football letter sweaters, Incompetent TV weathermen, Cyclamate Cola, Merv Griffin, Egg timer glass, Discard Christmas trees and Defunct Trading Stamps.

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